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23 Jan 2016

The frequency of which do your characters have sex? If you answered more often than once every other chapter then that's one steamy story you're posting there. So hot you won't ever need an oven to bake that turkey this Thanksgiving. Just lay that savory nakedness on those velvety pages and observe that muscle toned meat sizzle. Pardon me... Wait, so this is why I am not invited to Thanksgiving dinner anymore.

Sex scene

Anyway, if you're like me then you don't write erotica and probably can't recall writing many sex scenes otherwise any at all. To put it briefly fiction you have to worry more details on censorship anyway, so if you do choose to write a steamy scene it must be quick and to the point. In fact, everything in short fiction needs to be relevant to move the plot forward.

Books certainly are a different matter. You might have more freedom to become more descriptive and with that you have more options to go ahead and take story in "related" directions, i.e. subplots. When you want to write about cheating one of your protagonists is having using the antagonist then you are more liberated to do so. And you don't have to skip out on any of the details.

The issue for many writers is where would you start when you want to write down a sex scene. 'In the sack,' you say. Well, if you are old fashioned. I have 5 easy tips for you that will help you write an awesome sex scene.

1. Learn as much as you can about our fun parts

We all think we are experts with regards to sex, but few really are. Think of it this way, unless you work in the medical field and study human anatomy then I would suggest you hit those search engines like google and do as much research as you can. There is always something new you can learn concerning the human body. When you do, that knowledge mixed with creativity can intrigue your potential customers.

Here is an example of a website I have found that talks about the ten interesting facts about the vagina.

The most popular fact is that you are your diet. I can really create a chuckle scenes with that new knowledge. What about you?

2. Learn about the different positions

Wait, you understand all of those too right? That's not me a Kamasutra master i really like to read articles over it with lots and lots of illustrations. Huge smile, okay I'm done. The purpose of this is the same as doing all your research on what the skin can do during sex.

A few of you may even be thinking, well Andre, I'm able to always just grab my partner and a lab coat and do my very own hands on research. You'll be able to, but think of it using this method. As a writer you constantly search for new words to widen your vocabulary. Why so? With there being so many different ways to describe a scene. There are plenty of different ways to write a sex scene should you be keen to all the several ways people have sex.

3. Read erotica

I'm not really a fan of erotica, but I check this out genre as an Oreo cookie. I just like the cream filing. No pun intended. You won't need to read the whole book, just the juicy parts to find out how others are covering sex. You are trying to learn how other writers attempt to engage their readers.

In case you are limited on what you understand about sex and also on crafting it, you are going to involve some very soft scenes. Pun intended.

4. Be described as a director in your head

Did I just tell you to be a porn director? In the event it helps you with this tip, then sure. Whenever you write your scene take into account the angles of presentation as well as their order when you have the scene unfold.

An easy way to follow this tip is to outline what happens to be able and focus on what is shown for the reason that order; if you can draw then develop a story board. Damaging the scene into a variety of moving parts will allow you to connect them right into a long fluid motion. Consider it describing a tongue kiss from start to finish. Where you start doesn't need to be with the kiss, try starting with 'the sweet smell of cognac that escapes by way of a lover's heavy breath.' The very center pieces are burgled different scenes to aid with descriptions and connected to be able to show fluidity. The purpose if it you are engaging people by building up to the climax. Just like foreplay leading to sex.

Imagine a lover slowly undressing before you. Think about the order of actions, each description and just how each connect, building up to the climax, which will be the lover fully nude. Wait, let me get a drink of water.

5. If it doesn't turn your self on then edit out

So you shot the scene and today it is time to take it towards the editor. Once again, this really is you. Now you have to reassess what does not work by what leaves you... unchanged seeing the sex scene.

Again you have to think of the overall scene in parts, have a look at what just doesn't get it done for you and what doesn't connect to the other parts. Do you feel a rise in anticipation for your climax when each part from the beginning?

If something just doesn't feel right, then kill it before it kills the mood.

Sex scene


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